Safety Community Guideline


Rider & Driver 



We developed our guidelines to help make every experience feel safe, respectful and positive. They apply to everyone who uses any of our apps, including drivers, riders & JEEVANSEVA POWERED BY EVERA customers. Thank you for joining us to support and safeguard a welcoming environment.

The guidelines below help in explaining some of the specific kinds of behaviour that may cause you to lose access to the JEEVANSEVA POWERED BY EVERA application. There will always be unforeseen events that may ultimately lead you to  lose  access to the JEEVANSEVA POWERED BY EVERA applications and we’ll update these guidelines regularly, but the following guidelines are sufficient cause for JEEVANSEVA POWERED BY EVERA to take action. Please take a moment to read them.



Everyone who signs up for JEEVANSEVA POWERED BY EVERA account is required to follow JEEVANSEVA POWERED BY EVERA Community Guidelines. They reflect the following 3 pillars and the standards in each of these sections.

Treat everyone with Care & Convivence 

Our community is remarkably diverse and, chances are, you will encounter people who might not look like you or share your beliefs. The guidelines in this section help to foster positive interactions during every experience.

Help & Safety Priority 

We’re hard at work every day to help create safer experiences for everyone. Your safety drives us. That’s why these standards  are written. In addition to following all of JEEVANSEVA POWERED BY EVERA’s Community Guidelines, you can also find some more standards just for JEEVANSEVA POWERED BY EVERA under “Additional guidelines for JEEVANSEVA POWERED BY EVERA” below.


Follow the process & guidelines 

We’re committed  for  following all applicable laws and earning your trust, and we expect everyone who uses our apps to do their part and adhere to applicable laws and regulations, as well as Do’s & Don’ts regulations where applicable.


If something happens, whether it’s good or bad, we make it easy for you to tell us. Our team is continuously improving our standards and your feedback is important to keep our standards relevant as our technology evolves.


Our Commitment to Safety

We want you to move freely, make the most of your time, and be connected to the people and places that matter most to you. That’s why we are committed to safety, from the creation of new standards to the development of technology with the aim of reducing incidents.


How safety is built into your experience

Safety features in the app – Share your trip details with loved ones through SMS. Track your trip during your ride. Our technology helps put peace of mind at your fingertips.

An inclusive community – Millions of riders and drivers share a set of Community Guidelines, holding each other accountable to do the right thing.

Support at every turn – A specially trained team is available to revert of your query, request or complaints 24/7. Reach them in the app, day or night, with any questions or safety concerns you will get prompt revert within TAT (Agreed Timeline / Turn Around Time)as per scenarios. 

Building safer journeys for everyone

Driver safety – Count on 24/7 support to help with any questions or safety concerns. Our focus is on your safety, so you can go where the services are required.

Drive with confidence – You deserve to be able to go wherever the opportunity is. Get there with support on the road and technology that helps protect you and those around you. (link below details)"

Designing a safer experience 

Help if you need it 
Specially trained incident response teams are available (QRT– Quick Response Team) anytime right from the app.


An inclusive community
Through our joint efforts with cities and safety experts and by working together, we’re helping to create safe journeys for everyone.


Peace of mind, wherever you go
Safety is designed into the experience. So, you feel comfortable driving even at night. So, you can tell loved ones where you’re going. And so, you know you have someone to turn to if anything happens. 


24/7 Incident support
JEEVANSEVA POWERED BY EVERA customer associates trained in incident response are available around the clock



2-way ratings
Your feedback matters. Low-rated trips are logged, and users may be removed to protect the JEEVANSEVA POWERED BY EVERA community.


GPS tracking
All JEEVANSEVA POWERED BY EVERA rides are tracked from start to finish, so there’s a record of your trip if something happens.


Safer roads for everyone, thanks to you
You play a key role in helping to make cities safer and roads friendlier to move around in.


Strengthening our community
Our Community Guidelines help riders and drivers enjoy a safe and comfortable ride. Any person who doesn’t follow the guidelines may be at risk of being removed from the platform for the safety of the entire JEEVANSEVA POWERED BY EVERA community.


Rider safety

Millions of rides are requested every day. Every rider has access to safety features built into the app. And every ride has a support team if you need them.



Designing a safer ride

Driver screenings
All potential JEEVANSEVA POWERED BY EVERA   driver-partners must complete a review process that includes a review of photo ID and other relevant documentation to determine eligibility prior to being authorized to take trips through the app.


Features to help keep you safe
On every trip, you can tap a button for safety tools and get help whenever you need it.


An inclusive community
Through our joint efforts with cities and safety experts and by working together, we’re helping to create safe journeys for everyone.


Emergency assistance (SOS) button
You can use the emergency (SOS) button to call and get help if you need it. The app displays your location and trip details, so you can quickly share them with authorities.


24/7 Incident support
Our customer support team is specially trained to respond to urgent safety issues.


Safety Centre

Access JEEVANSEVA POWERED BY EVERA safety features all in one place in the app whenever you’re riding with us.


2-way ratings (Riders & Drivers)
Your feedback matters. Low-rated trips are logged, and users may be removed


GPS tracking
All JEEVANSEVA POWERED BY EVERA rides are tracked by GPS from start to finish so there’s a record of your trip if something happens



Check your ride, every time
Before you log in, take a second to double-check the app for your driver’s information. Follow these 3 steps to make sure you get into the right car

Step 1 – Match the CAB No. 

Step 2 – Match the driver Name & ID Card 

Step 3 – Check the driver's photo


Strengthening our community
Our Community Guidelines are  established to keep JEEVANSEVA POWERED BY EVERA enjoyable and inclusive for everyone. Any person who doesn’t follow the guidelines can be removed from the platform.


Public safety officials
JEEVANSEVA POWERED BY EVERA has an investigative team of expert operations & law enforcement professionals who offer immediate assistance to public safety officials in active cases.



Supporting disaster-relief efforts
Our team support and doing lots of activities with government officials and organizations like -the Red Cross and clean & green environment protection programme for Delhi NCR


More about  covid-19 safety for drivers on Jeevan Seva. 


All measures are being taken to ensure our cabs  Covid Safe.    For us the  safety of our customers, drivers & stakeholders is of utmost importance and our endeavor is not to compromise with it any possible manner.  


All Cabs are being disinfected twice a day to ensure our passengers & drivers can commute in a Covid Safe environment to the extent possible. 


All drivers have undergone further training with regards to Covid Safety and have been equipped with gloves, sanitizers and masks


All our Cabs are now completely cashless in order to minimize the need to make contact with others. 


Our operating staf  are constantly undergoing regular health check ups that include temperature checks to ensure our service is Covid Safe. 


We are permitting drives only who do not have any symptoms of COVID at the time of starting his duty.



Drivers are equipped with full PPE kits and oximeters are their in the cab as well.