Clean, Comfortable, Safe & All Electric Cabs

About Us

Our Founders, Mr Nimish, Mr Vikas, & Mr Rajiv have always used app-based cab services to travel to work. Having tried and tested almost every service available, they realised that none of them was able to truly cater to the needs of customers.

Not only did they travel with inexperienced drivers, but drivers who lacked basic mannerisms needed in a customer-facing service. As if that wasn’t bad enough, being allotted a smelly cab become a common occurrence during their daily commute. After years of putting up with sub-par services, they decided enough is enough. It was time for them to take action and give Indian commuters the service they deserve.

Having come up with requirements they deemed the basic right of commuters, they knew there was more that could be done. Being associated with Prakriti E-mobility, they decided to give India an all-electric cab service that would bring about a global revolution in EV’s.

This unique app-based taxi service would not only get customers from Point A to Point B but would also contribute to the greater good of the planet. It would allow users to book cabs that are all-electric. As a result, their journey would give off no emissions and would help reduce the carbon footprint one journey at a time.