How Safe are your Cabs during Covid-19?

The Covid-19 pandemic has completely changed the functioning of India’s cab industry. And this change is going to stay for the anticipated future. As soon as government lifts the lockdown restrictions at public spaces, all these places will again be swarmed with the hustle-bustle of the city.

Most of the people will get back to work and restart their trips. But choosing the right mode of transport will remain the biggest dilemma. Moreover, people will also prefer to share cabs for long or short trips in the near future. Amid the spread of coronavirus, will cab service be safe to use? Will it be wise to choose shared cabs after the lockdown? These questions will definitely bother you whenever you are trying to book a cab. Here are some preventive measures one should know about while travelling in a cab service:

Safety Precautions for Passengers

  1. Usage of double masks

Cover your mouth and nose with double masks before entering the cab. One of the common mistakes committed by commuters is removing their masks soon after sitting in the cab. This is not recommended by experts since viruses and germs transmit faster in enclosed spaces than in open surroundings.

  1. Hand-Y sanitizer

Right from sitting in the cab to taking an exit from the car, you tend to touch various surfaces. It is advised to apply sanitisers especially before and after entering and leaving the cab. A bottle of hand sanitiser can act as a savior for you. You can also carry gloves and anti-bacterial wipes for an added layer of protection.

  1. Handle your own luggage

Do not let the co-passenger or driver carry your luggage. There are possibilities that the virus can transmit through your luggage. So, it’s always better to avoid such contact between your luggage and the others.

  1. Digital payment

Currency notes are likely to transmit the deadly virus from one person to another. Online payment is a safe alternative to protect us from the spread.

Safety Precautions for Drivers

  1. Disinfecting before and after every ride

Following all safety precautions in cabs after the lockdown is compulsory for the driver as much as it is for the passengers. The driver should make sure that the cab is properly sanitized before and after every ride. This further helps in preventing the transmission of the virus. Moreover, drivers are advised to wear PPE kits and other safety gadgets.

  1. Usage of plastic separators

A transparent sheet between the front seat and the back seat is made compulsory in all the cabs. If you are sharing the cab with another passenger, an extra sheet can be placed between the two passengers.


  1. Fresh air circulation

Since the virus transfer in the form of respiratory droplets, it is recommended not to use air conditioners in the cab. In case of suffocation and summer heat, utilize the fresh air mode.

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