Driver Training

Driver Training

Prakriti E-Mobility has started a driver training program not just for the benefit our drivers, but also for the benefit of Evera Cab customers who are looking for a safe taxi service that doesn’t just focus on convenience, but safety and comfort too. 

If the training program is successfully completed, the driver will officially be enrolled as an Evera Employee and will work on a salary basis. 

A summary of the driver training program has been listed below:

  1. Driving
    • Driving an automatic/gearless car 
    • How to use an electric power terrain as efficiently as possible.
    • Braking in a smooth and controlled manner.
    • Turning in a manner that eliminates the lowers the possibility of motion sickness amongst passengers.
  2. Road Rules
    • Reading Road Signs
    • How To Use Indicators 
    • Overtaking Correctly
    • Safely Letting Cars Overtake 
    • The Importance Of Staying In Lane
    • And much more…
  3. Etiquettes Training
    How To:

    • Greet Your Passenger
    • Brief Your Passenger About What They Can & Can’t Do (Such as no smoking) 
    • Offer Assistance If Needed
    • Understand Passenger Behaviour & Personality
    • Be Respectful Even When A Passenger Behaves Rudely 
  4. Women’s Safety
    How To:

    • Talk Respectfully 
    • Behave Appropriately
    • Offer Assistance If Needed