No Surge Charge

No amount of traffic or demand will bring about a change in the cost of the journey. As a result, customers can book cabs without worrying about absurd prices.

No Cancellations

Our driver are trained professional who are on duty if on the app. Only customers have the ability to cancel their trip.

No Emissions

As our fleet will be all electric, the cars will release no emissions in their lifespan. As a result, cities will eventually be able to breathe easy without worrying about toxics fumes from exhaust pipes.

Professional Drivers

All of our drivers undergo incentive based training to develop their social and driving skills in order to provide the best possible customer experience to commuters.


Due to the electric nature of our vehicles, the comfort factor too has been upped as the cars operate without gears. This eliminates the jerks and discomfort felt while commuting in a manual car with an in experienced driver.


Our service has placed top priority on passenger safety by conducting comprehensive background checks and installing state of the art safety features within the cars.