Our Story

About Us

Prakriti was established by a group of people who share a common love for the environment. Hence the name “Prakriti”, which literally translates to “nature”. Unfortunately, while human life continues to thrive, nature continues to suffer.

Established with a goal to start a global revolution in the mobility industry, Prakriti, though, initiated in India, hopes to expand its services globally in a bid to combat climate change and reduce the carbon footprint – all this while enhancing user experience.

As the world has come to see, one of the biggest factors contributing to global warming, is the high dependency on non-renewable energy. With a vision to better the future, we here at Prakriti are coming up with innovative research-based methods to combat these negative effects of non-renewable energy by curating a platform that not only promotes the use of sustainable energy but at the same time ensures accessibility for the same.

A think tank in the making, Prakriti is home to The Board of Directors, who have taken it upon themselves to gain an in-depth knowledge about climate change, in-turn coming up with strategies to address the problems leading to dramatic shift in climate patterns over the years. These curated strategies hope to help reduce the carbon footprint being left behind by day to day activities of citizens, in developed and developing countries, alike. In order to ensure that these strategies actually work on the field, they have been developed by drawing parallels to the Paris Agreement and thus will help India live up to the promises it made at the global platform.

All of our R & D focuses on creating sustainable energy solutions that can stimulate rapid urbanisation across all regions of the country without harming our planet. While the environment is our top priority, we haven’t forgotten about the socio-economic and cultural growth of the citizens of India. Hence, all our mobility solutions at Prakriti are application-based, so that the general public can start to live a carbon free life, just at the tap of a button.

Be it through our app based cab service or our grid of energy efficient charging stations to support those making the shift to electric power, every offering by Prakriti helps the general public carry on life as is without harming the environment. One of the first initiatives in this direction, EVERA  Cabs, is a unique app based taxi service that will not only get customers from Point A to Point B, but will also contribute towards the greater good of the planet, while doing so. The EVERA Cabs App, will thus allow users the chance to improve the environment only by booking a ride, all so with the ease of noiseless, smooth drives all over the city. Their journey will give off no emissions and will help reduce the carbon footprint, one step at a time.

Building on the experience of the frequent cab users in various metropolitan cities, Prakriti has included certain features, to reduce the hassle these daily cab travellers face. For example, we offer a Zero Surcharge based service. Thus, in case of traffic jams or monsoons hitting the city, the cab fares will not peak, keeping the ride to your destination peaceful and stress-free.  Similarly, in no situation whatsoever, our cab-drivers will cancel on you. Our drivers are trained in-house professionals who are on duty if on the app. Only customers have the ability to cancel their trip.

As Prakriti and its sustainability solutions continue to grow, so do opportunities for the general public. Keeping the bigger picture in mind, Prakriti hopes to come up with various other mobility solutions that further improves rider experience and gives you the chance to save this beautiful planet from further harm.

Our Story

2018 was one of the worst years as far as air pollution is concerned. This was especially true for India and even more so for Delhi- NCR. To see a city they call home, transform into a gas chamber every winter, Nimish, Rajeev, & Vikas, could no longer sit around and do nothing! Seeing the city they all hold close to their hearts, cry out for help, motivated them to come up with a permanent solution to this ever growing problem of pollution and air clogging.

As they set out on this journey, little did they know that their previous experience in innovation, green energy solar panels and sustainable energy products, was going to come in so handy! In their search for apt means to set up charging stations for electric vehicles, they noticed a stark discrepancy in society! They figured out that the transport sector faced a huge shortage of electric vehicle services. Even though mobility options existed, they either weren’t large enough for the public to use them consciously or weren’t good enough for the public to make a willing switch to!

Transport sector, an area they knew could be improve, thus became their calling, as they stepped in to provide mobility solutions, specifically, commercial cabs and transport. While they hoped that existing players would take charge, they soon realized it was never going to happen. The one’s who were trying, didn’t have the resources and the one’s that did, were not able to create energy efficient carbon free services and lacked the ability to contribute for the greater good in order to raise awareness.

This led them to make one of the biggest decisions in their lives. A decision that would pledge their commitment to reduce air pollution by making carbon free travel possible for those who use cab services. But they wanted to do something different, something long term. They didn’t want to make a desperate attempt to save the planet. They wanted to plan a curated approach that would take into account multiple variables.

All of the above combined with the energy efficient technology at their disposal, these three questioned – Why just do something for the environment, why not simultaneously create an experience for customers that offers comfort, convenience and safety?

After intensive research, and many sleepless nights, a plan to offer mobility solutions, starting with a fleet of Electric cabs, Prakriti, came to be!