Having defence family background, Rajeev grew up living across the country in varied cultures. It was early set in his life that he learnt the importance of diversity and the value of discipline. It is only fair that he grew up to become a traveller and a history enthusiast.

Having led a multi-lingual childhood, across various defence campuses of India, Rajeev grew up learning about distinct cultures. All this societal amalgamation, developed his curiosity and brought about a craving for knowledge. He believes that learning is second nature to man and hence shouldn’t be hampered with age.

Having completed his basic education in Kanpur, Rajeev moved to the capital for his MBA in 1998. He kickstarted his career with Bhagat Aromatics as an export executive. Rajeev got a life changing opportunity with Monarch International in 2002, where he learnt a lot and acquired a professional acumen. In 2007, Rajeev joined Monnet where engineering joined hands with Marketing, and a business idea was developed. Alongside Vikas since 2002, Rajeev learnt the nitigrities of raw material procurement and usage along with building on their style of business.

Professional journey for Rajeev has always been a learning curve, which he has taken up enthusiastically, each step of the way. He grew up in an economic reform era when India was rapidly changing, and saw multiple industries and businesses taking off in the country. Rajeev says that his childhood played an important part in building his dreams and him into the person he is today.