Guide To Booking Cab Services in Delhi NCR

Cabs are a convenient and reliable means to move around the city whether it’s for work or for pleasure. Having said that, not all cab services in Delhi NCR are as convenient, safe & practical as they claim to be. So let’s look at 5 things to keep in mind when booking a cab.

  1. Ownership

The first thing to consider with a cab service in Delhi NCR is who owns the car itself, the driver or the company? Usually cab services use cars they do not own to operate in their fleet in order to reduce costs. Evera Cabs on the other hand has purchased its own fleet of all electric cabs and this has allowed us to properly maintain the hygiene, functionality & safety of our cabs.

  • Driver Accountability

Most cab services in Delhi NCR as well as the rest of India hire drivers who are willing to use their own personal car as a cab. While in theory this is great for business, it results in a serious safety issue that arises from a lack of accountability. At Evera Cabs however, we own our own fleet of all electric cars and the drivers are hired as employees, not freelancers.

  • Driver Training

At Evera Cabs, our drivers have to undergo vigorous training to ensure they meet the standard of service demanded by the citizens of India. They are not only trained in driving, but mannerisms and social skills as well. This prevents any awkward, rude or worrying interactions during your ride. So always check if the drivers from a particular service have undergone training or not.

  •  Cancellation Policy

One of the biggest problems faced by users of cab services is that drivers cancel journeys far too often. As a result, a lot of time is wasted trying to book a cab and customers are usually left stranded on the roadside till someone accepts their ride. To address this issue, Evera Cab drivers have been hired as employees who work for a salary. As a result, their working hours have been set and thus their right to cancel rides has been taken away.

  • Surge Charge

Most Cab services across India will feature a surge charge in their pricing. This extra charge is added when the demand for cabs is at its highest. Most people use cabs to commute to work and work hours are always busy. This results in customers paying far more money than they should, just to get to work. Here at Evera Cabs, we have completely removed surge pricing and this has led to consistent prices no matter what time of day or night.

  • The Environment

Climate change is a very real problem and the extent of the damage has never been any clearer than in 2020. Which is why the best cab services in Delhi NCR should be shifting to all electric carbon emission free travel. Here at Evera Cabs, we ensured each and every single one of our cars runs on battery power not fuel. If all public and commercial transport were to go all electric, the reduction in carbon emissions especially in city areas would be significant.

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